Social media became the virtual meetup place for almost all people around the world. According to the website of, there are merely 58.4% of the world’s population or half of all the people in the world use social media as of January 2022.  And that really is a manifestation of how people are hooked to social media and this definitely changed the marketing strategies of companies or individuals who wanted to advertise and market themselves. 

When social networking sites were launched, companies gave opportunities to have access to internet users to make themselves visible and reachable 24/7. Engagement with their audiences is the most vital part of being a brand or an influencer, the more engaging their posts are, the more traffic they create. The more traffic they create, the more chances their pages to be advertised and be more visible to a wider audience through SEO or Search Engine Optimization. They get more free ads and more money they make. Social networking sites became the biggest platform for companies to advertise and it became a reason why social media managers became a high demand for companies to hire just to manage their social media accounts. But what are the best ways to come up with engaging posts to create more traffic to your sites? Here are the suggested ones.

Do visuals, visuals, and more visuals

People often give chances to react and comment on posts with visual impacts than long narrative texts. Ensure that your visual presentations are eye-catching and easy to understand.

Use original photos as much as possible

We know that stock photos can be found anywhere on the internet the more original your photos and visuals are, the more engagement you’ll get as it’s something new for them. This also can help to avoid any possible copyright issues with more chances of being shared.

Use applications to create more engaging visuals

As much as possible when editing photos, use an application that would help better editing schemes such as “Canva” and “Adobe Photoshop”. If you are a company, better have a graphic designer if possible to handle such kind of editing requirements for video or photos. Graphs and visuals will make the audience understand more about the products and services you offer than the competitors.

Use fun and interactive words or quotes through graphic posts

Audiences prefer to comment and share short quotes or fun words posted in graphics style than standard texts.  Use clear and concise words to have a shorter version with greater impact and remember the more engaging the post is the more traffic and shares it may have.

Share comments or tagged posts and testimonials by audiences or customers

Whenever a customer or an audience commented or tagged your page name through their posts, acknowledge them by replying or resharing their posts with you. This can make more views and traffic and engagement with audiences as they will have the feel of being special and noticed.

Ensure to tag the owner of the post that you quoted

There are times that relevant posts or photos from other influencers, brands, or bloggers are needed in your own posts, never forget to tag the owner of the original posts. This will help the owner to get more free views same as your page will get views also from the followers of the original post. It will also ensure to avoid any sort of copyright infringement issues.

Host some contests

Creating contests for the audience makes more visitors and creates more traffic to your posts. Do contests of joining your page, liking, commenting, and sharing your posts to get more boost and announce the winners through the page as well.

Use the proper hashtags

The more that you use the right hashtag relevant to your posts, the more possible visitors you can have who have the same interests as what you post is about. 

Written By: Maria Nerizza Acero 

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