Virtual assistants became such a trend in this generation wherein people are able to deliver the job needed while staying at home and doing the tasks virtually. With all of the changes happening in the world including the new viral issue of “Quiet Quitting”, virtual assistance services became more in demand to companies hiring them rather than having a regular office employee who are having the mentality of not delivering above and beyond because and just working whatever was expected from them.

Companies always look into the ROI or Return of Investments, when it comes to people, if they invest to hire people, they expect a good delivery of hard work to help the company grow. Due to several factors like inflation that influence the staff not to work beyond what is expected of them unless getting a pay raise or bonuses, the production of goods and delivery of services can cause delays. Even so, this kind of mentality can affect more colleagues which can result in a bigger loss for the company. It is better if there will be a dialogue between the employers and the employees to meet halfway, satisfy the company’s needs and expectations, and make the employees satisfied and happy to work.

There are some cases the company and its employees are not able to meet each other’s expectations based on the salary requirement of the employee based on his efforts and the company’s performance review with each employee. Companies are able to look for an alternative way of the workforce by hiring virtual assistants that can perform the same tasks online and get paid based on hourly rates of their active working hours only. In this case, companies are able to save a lot of money when it comes to workforce management such as health insurance, benefits, overtime pay, and so forth. Virtual assistants became in demand because of this reason.

Having a virtual assistant is able to ensure that the paid hours that the virtual assistant is hired are productive and cost-efficient. Lots of small – medium entrepreneurs are hiring virtual assistants for the same reason rather than having an office employee.

The reputation of virtual assistants in the world is so high that they are able to offer the services they give to clients and they could even have multiple clients to serve to earn more money from their side. Therefore it’s a win-win situation between the clients (who are the companies hiring virtual assistants) and the virtual assistants themselves.

At the end of the day, what is required on both sides is the satisfaction of a job well done for the hiring company and a well-compensated staff who does the job well.  In this virtual world, things that were impossible before are now turning possible. Therefore, options are available for those who can deliver. 

` Written By: Maria Nerizza Acero – Content Writer (Scandinavian Virtual Assistants)

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