Virtual assistants are getting a high demand in the market in wherever parts of the world because of the low-cost efficiency of labor that Virtual Assistants can provide. When the COVID-19 Pandemic hit the world, it made a huge impact on the workforce in every company in the world. Some had to close down their companies due to huge losses, services were delayed in processes and people all stayed in their homes. Since then, virtual assistants became a sort of relief for businesses to continue their services remotely as they can work on everything online and save the higher costs of manpower compared to physical interaction. Moreover, the convenience of working from home and sipping a cup of coffee while working on the laptop or computer is what makes the demand of the young professionals to join the virtual world and work as Virtual Assistants offering their expertise of services to the market.

Having that said, who is the target market of Virtual Assistants as their clients, and how important to ensure that their skills and knowledge are suited to the client’s requirements? Below are the lists of target market customers that which Virtual Assistants can offer their services.

• E-Commerce and Small Medium Enterprises – Since the pandemic hits, e-commerce became a huge demand in the market as everything can be ordered or purchased online. Hence, they often hire Virtual Assistants who are highly skilled in Web Designing, Online Marketing, or even IT professionals who can create and maintain their websites and/or social media. Moreover, it is much low cost-effective for them since they are hiring someone online at a much lower rate than hiring a direct employee.

• CEOs or Entrepreneurs – Business owners are mainly engaged in multiple transactions and engagements that require a lot of time, and because of this, schedule arrangements are quite a challenge for them. Therefore, virtual assistants are a demand since they can offer their services as their Personal or Executive assistants that can do the work for them online such as schedule management can organize and prepare calendars for their upcoming meetings, flight bookings, restaurant reservations, or simply answer emails from their behalf since these things can all be done online. This is also cost-efficient for them since they don’t have to provide any more kinds of insurance or benefits for the employee.

• Influencers and Personalities – They are the kind of clients who often wanted their personal lives to be as private as possible aside from the personality that they portray in the mainstream or on social media. Therefore, they often hire Virtual Assistants to manage their social media accounts to ensure that they are always online for engagements. They are also often being hired to run some personal errands like doing some shopping for them, food ordering, restaurant reservations, and hotel bookings for their convenience like as their Assistants.

• Solo-Entrepreneurs – They are the type of clients who are starting to put up their businesses and manage by themselves. Therefore, they often hire temporary Virtual Assistants as their personal assistants and or secretaries to help them with customer management like answering phone calls, sending emails to potential clients, and so on. These are usually daily-like jobs to help them function smoothly by themselves. They also prefer to ask for assistance virtually since they can hire them part-time and pay only as hour-based which is way cheaper for them.

• Talents – Some clients require special skills and abilities that are available with Virtual Assistants such as research skills, photo, and video editing skills, clerical skills, data entry skills, content writing skills, copy reading, proofreading, and so on and so forth.

Virtual assistants are readily flexible in any requirement that a hiring client is asking and with the power of the Internet, these things became very accessible to people.

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By: Maria Nerizza Acero – Content Writer (Scandinavian Virtual Assistants)

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