Social media became a necessity for many companies and most of those who do not have social media tend not to stay in the industry. Therefore, companies invested in their social media accounts as a way to drive their sales, develop relationships with customers, and advertise their brand and overall exposure and reputation.

There are things that mostly the owners cannot focus on and since creating a social media strategy requires time and effort, a dedicated social media manager is needed to manage and sustain the social media accounts to ensure that everything is on promptly. Social media managers are also responsible for the marketing strategies that can be done on social media which has a wider reach than mass media.

There are a few vital roles that a social media manager mainly focuses on the following:

·        Engagement

Followers cannot be gained overnight, nor that the followers will just simply follow an account for nothing, therefore, engaging with people on social media creates networks and spreads the word about the account. It also makes connections between the brands and their potential consumers.  Social media managers are responsible to create engagements like posting relevant information about the brand and its products and services and on how to boost them by creating contests or entertaining posts to gain more attention. Creating advertisements through social media as well creates more impact than normal mass media advertising.

Social media managers should as well be proactive in interacting with the audiences which could result in long comment threads, more shares, and more reactions to gain more followers.

·        Well aware of SEO and SEM

As a social media manager, it is important that the contents are relevant for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which can make the account be easily recognized by the search engines in searching for certain keywords related to the product or services of the brand. Also, it is as well a responsibility to look for the best opportunities to boost relevant posts and do SEM (Search Engine Marketing) by paying to boost the visibility and potential hits. It is a responsibility of a social media manager to target and reaches the right audiences for the specific services.

·        Measure the effectiveness

Understanding the effectiveness of the social media marketing strategies are looking at the vital indicators of a social media engagement measure the analytics in particular to the increase of the number of followers, the number of shares and reactions, the traffic on the pages and the website, number of posts, and the effect in the number of customers. It is a social media manager’s responsibility to look into these aspects to ensure that the strategy is effective that something has to be changed or to give more focus on what is more effective.

Social media management is not just about managing the social media platforms of a brand or a company, it is also a way to enhance social listening. Since customers and followers are openly able to give their comments and reactions, it is important that these concerns are being heard and adjustments are being done based on the pulse of the people. The more that a brand is able to adapt to what the market requires, the longer the business stays.

 Written By: Maria Nerizza Acero – Content Writer (Scandinavian Virtual Assistants)

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