Have you been doing an excellent job before, going above and beyond on what you are supposed to do, expecting to have a salary raise, and didn’t get it? Have you suddenly lost your interest in doing so and just sticking to your normal work tasks as what is expected of you and no longer even bothering to go more than what you do before as you think that it’s not worth it since you don’t get a pay raise? Or have you started to avoid taking on extra responsibilities as what your bosses ask you to do since it may require extra working hours for you without being paid for overtime? Yeah, you probably do it already without even knowing that it has been labeled as “Quiet Quitting”.

Quiet Quitting is defined as working on the bare minimum, not exerting any extra effort and not going above and beyond, and not taking on any additional tasks or assignments. The job that is actually given to us is what is expected of us to do and yet we just do what it is and not go more than we think we could offer. The term Quiet Quitting became a trending topic lately and has been viral even on Tiktok discussing and showing examples of how Quiet Quitting. 

Millennials and Generation Z are the people who often do such as they believe that working above and beyond expects to have pay raise to help them pay the bills. Definitely true in affection to the inflation rate, minimum wage earners who are struggling to pay their rents, bills, and necessities all expect to have any salary raise or bonuses when working extra hours or doing what is beyond expected of them. This kind of mentality of workers nowadays will definitely make a huge impact in the workforce industry and in the production of products and services. The workers and the company, both will be affected by it. On the side of the employee, performance reviews will not make them outstanding and possibly not have a chance of promotion, while on the business side, production of goods and delivery services will be delayed. 

Social media became an avenue for all people to release their thoughts and feelings and even employees and workers of companies are also using the same platform to release their sentiments on any matter until this Quiet Quitting got labeled and became trending. I do believe that a company that truly cares about their employees can also look into this matter and have an open discussion with their employees, open a town hall to have a forum between the company executives and the rank and file workers to have conversations regarding what is expected for them to do for the company and what can the company do for their employees. Acknowledge the things that their employees do more than their expected tasks and if possible grant some compensation to encourage them to do much better. In this case, such kind of trends will be avoided and there will be a healthy work environment for all. 

Written By: Maria Nerizza Acero – Content Writer (Scandinavian Virtual Assistants)

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