In this current generation where almost everything can be performed online, even jobs and work tasks can be accomplished even while staying at home and because of this, Virtual Assistants became such a trend and became a new standard form of the workforce for businesses and companies. Companies are now able to understand the benefits of hiring Virtual Assistance based on the fact that it’s very cost efficient and training them doesn’t require much time as most virtual assistants are fully educated already and it’s just a matter of familiarization with the delegated tasks are required for them to perform remotely.

Sometimes as a hiring manager or someone that requires assistance from a Virtual Assistant should also understand her requirements and the tasks to be given to them should be all possibly done online. Therefore here are our tips on properly delegating tasks to your own Virtual Assistants.

·        Adequately onboard your virtual assistant

A virtual assistant will be fully functional in your organization or as your own secretary once she is fully onboarded about her tasks and duties in her daily reporting. Involving them in an impromptu meeting may not be that effective since they are mostly working on the back-end, therefore, making them onboarded ahead on everything or whenever a meeting is about to happen for them to be able to prepare and avoid questions in the future. Moreover, this will help your Virtual Assistant to produce high-quality of work at all times.

·        Create a proper communication plan

Since work is done remotely, face-to-face meetings between the groups or the team may be a challenge, therefore arranging a proper communication plan such as virtual meetings, chat group links, or a scheduled weekly touch base with everyone or with your virtual assistant will be a great help to ensure that everyone is on the same page and to know and get updated with the progress being done by each one of the team and to ensure that deadlines are being met on time.

·        Accordingly, plan the right task delegations for the team

There are tasks that can be performed virtually and something that can only be accomplished with physical interactions, therefore planning ahead of the task that is able to accomplish online and delegate to the right staff will ensure the productivity of each one. Moreover, in dealing with a virtual assistant who works on part-time hours, planning ahead of the tasks to delegate to work on is the best way to ensure proper time management as the job can be completed within the assigned hours and avoid going exceeding the required hours.

·        Measure employee output

It is undeniable that there are times that we have fears wherein your remote employees may not be as productive as expected which can affect the overall production of the company, therefore making sure that our remote employees and virtual assistants are productive is important. Set KPIs that is suited to your virtual assistants to measure their productivity and ensure that the delegated hours are purely productive. Having a touch base or virtual meeting with your virtual assistant is also a way to be updated on what is the current progress of the tasks at hand and those that already accomplished. This is also to avoid any kind of gap between the two parties and to address any kind of hindrance that may affect the virtual assistant’s productivity.

 Nowadays as technology progresses non-stop, more and more opportunities are being opened and jobs at hand are becoming easier to accomplish. If you wish to have a more productive and cost-efficient workforce, hiring a virtual assistant is a perfect option for you. You will have the liberty to decide to hire just for certain hours a day or for a full-time worker. It’s just a proper dealing with them will make sure that the job assigned will be done accordingly.

` Written By: Maria Nerizza Acero – Content Writer (Scandinavian Virtual Assistants)

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