Victims was in fact expected on EpiDoC dos research interviews if or not there was transform

Victims was in fact expected on EpiDoC dos research interviews if or not there was transform

Details about sociodemographic (gender, decades, many years of degree, house constitution, and you may Freak II), including socioeconomic details (house money), try accumulated in the first trend-EpiDoC step one research.

Wellness Properties

During the EpiDoC step one research, citizens were questioned once they is before clinically determined to have specific chronic problem (high cholesterol levels top, high blood pressure levels, rheumatic condition, sensitivity, intestinal problem, cardiac condition, diabetes, thyroid and parathyroid state, urolithiasis, pulmonary disease, hyperuricemia, cancer, neurological disease, and you can hypogonadism), and this guidance is updated throughout the EpiDoC 2 research interviews.

Self-stated peak and you can weight were obtained within the EpiDoC 2. Based on these types of data, body mass index (Bmi, weight/height 2 , during the kilogram/yards dos ) are computed and you can classified with respect to the World Health Organization class from inside the four groups: skinny (Bmi 2 ), regular (Bmi between 18.5 and you will twenty-four.nine kg/m 2 ), over weight (Bmi anywhere between twenty-five and you will 29.nine kg/yards 2 ), and you may carrying excess fat (Bmi ? 30 kilogram/m dos ) (18).

Health-relevant lifestyle is examined using the Portuguese verified version of Eu Well being questionnaire (EQ-5D-3L) (19, 20).

To evaluate health-care resources use, “amount of medical visits in the last 1 year” and you will “hospitalization in the last 1 year (yes/no)” was questioned so you can users.

Lifestyle Properties

From inside the EpiDoC dos data, issues towards lives designs provided regularity out of alcoholic drinks intake (each day, periodically, rather than), puffing activities (most recent tobacco user, prior smoker, rather than smoked), sleep activities (number of hours out-of bed each and every day, classified inside 3.0.CO;2-Yards

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