Tiktok became a huge hit kind of a new social media platform that was released just a few years back. Knowing that this platform is just about usual videos, dancing, and challenges, with over 1 Billion users all over the world, Tiktok definitely has something to show off. Out of the common usage of TikTok wherein creating fun and entertaining videos, the majority of Tiktok users are Gen Z and Millennials, which means that Tiktok is more entertaining and visible to youth.

Nowadays, Tiktok became essential as well to all brands and businesses and we cannot just simply ignore it. Making business through Tiktok started to become not just an option but as well a priority. With the help of the billion active users, it could boost and make a brand become famous and well known. For starters, social media became a greater tool to come up and introduce their brands because of its accessibility and broadest reach in any part of the world. More influencers as well were starting to be known from Tiktok having millions of followers and views. The platform also offers a free view of analytics in every post like the number of impressions, total shares, reactions, counts of new followers, and interactions which will help you to identify what contents are more relevant to the people. Therefore, Tiktok is definitely a great way to make business. 

Everything from the start is a scratch therefore, learning how to start to do business in Tiktok is essential. Here are our tips on how to make business through Tiktok.

·        Create relevant content

Tiktok is mainly a page for entertainment, most of the videos found on Tiktok are entertaining or something that can find a specific target audience. Depending on the interest of the viewers on what to watch, that is what will commonly appear on their FOR YOU Page, therefore, creating fun, entertaining but relevant content is a must. We don’t want our videos to be stacked on without views. You may also join the bandwagon on what is currently trending and make videos relating to your brand. As much as possible, show the human side of your business. The more it’s been done, the broader the reach it can have.

·        Utilize the free effects very well

One good thing about Tiktok is that they have various ways to create entertainment. When creating content, they freely offer most kinds of effects, filters, subtitle options, music, banners, voiceovers, speed effects, and so much more to make your content more professional and entertaining. With all these free options, you’ll be able to come up with the best content you can possibly have. You may also have the option to save your created contents in drafts for future editing and publishing. Be clever and be smart, don’t waste all the free options, use them relatively.

·        Leverage Tiktok’s content publishing option

Tiktok is a very intelligent social media platform that gives users an option to decide how they want their posts to be visible. Upon publishing content, Tiktok gives an option to allow the post to be a duet (wherein other users and followers are able to directly interact and collaborate with the video you posted by another video), tag friends, and allow the comments, allow the stitch and so forth. This is a great way to enhance the reach of your posts and have more possible collaboration with other brands or free advertisement after being reposted or re-duet by others. 

·        Use proper hashtags

We’ve seen hashtags almost everywhere on all social media platforms but Tiktok is one of the main social media platforms that highly leverage hashtags to be an analyzer to show content to people who have the same interest in the hashtags. Hashtags help the post to be regrouped based on the common interest of the users, this also helps the post to be boosted and be placed on the FOR YOU Page which is the page on Tiktok that allows videos and contents to be visible to users who has the same interests based on the hashtags and contents they often watch. This is usually the way to make a post more trending and get viral.

·        Join or initiate Tiktok Challenge

This may sound funny but nowadays, Tiktok challenges are the highest interactions available wherein the more users make the same challenge, the more it spreads and gets viral.  Introducing the challenge as you are the first content creator and then create a hashtag related to your challenge to spread the word and be viral. You may also participate in any existing challenges to interact and leverage the trend to keep your page up to date. The better version, the higher the views and the wider it shares and reaches.

·        Shares User Generated Contents

There are times that a common user uses your products or brand and shares it online, be happy and reshare the content to your page. The more interaction you will get as followers will feel that you care about them and you thank them for patronizing your brand. This as well will help you boost your page and the user’s page.

·        Tiktok advertising

Tiktok allows brands and users to boost their brands by advertising it. From the moment you open your Tiktok account, you have the chance to prompt your ads to have more potential reach. Though Tiktok does not count mainly on monetizing views, businesses are still able to run ads because of the platform’s number of users which can help boost possible sales.

Marketing strategies via social media are always vital as more than 50% of the world’s population uses social media, it can never go wrong in advertising here. Just have a clearer goal on what your brand you want to look like and the target demographic audiences you want to reach out to. It will be a great help to boost your business.

Written By: Maria Nerizza Acero – Content Writer (Scandinavian Virtual Assistants)

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