Social media nowadays became the primary tool to market the products and services of Start-up, Small, and Medium Businesses as it has the easiest way to connect with consumers and knowing the fact that the majority of the world’s population is on social media number or hours a day. Another great factor of social media for these businesses as there is no limit to the proximity as to where can a post can go, it can even reach anywhere in the world by just sharing the post.

Planning the strategy to keep up the social media engagements is important to ensure that the posts are promptly and relevant to the course product or services that are offered. Entertaining posts as well are being encouraged as it gets more engagement when the posts are something that can catch attention. Having that said, consistency in posting relevant content on social media is important to ensure that they are aligned with each other and more engaging for more chances of followers, reactions, and shares of the posts. Therefore, here are some ways to improve your social media presence for greater revenue.

·        Take advantage of “What’s Trending?”

Going through the flow of the water is sometimes what’s making the boat sail smoothly, and it’s the same on social media. Being in line with what is on the trend can boost the posts to be more relevant and exposed for more sharing and reactions. People tend to be engaged with what is trending during that certain period of time and if your offer is within the trend, the more chances of exposure.

·        Use all possible multimedia tools

Social media users tend to be more interactive with visual presentations rather than reading a bunch of texts. The more that the presentations are clear and concise, the higher the chance of being viral. It is necessary to use multiple ways to present your product on social media like videos, photos, live streaming, and fun memes – yes, the more funny and entertaining, the more that people will like it. Hence, don’t limit yourself, explore all resources available.

·        Allot a time to check and interact

Most big companies often forget to allot time to be engaged and interact with their followers and this may become a factor in decreasing followers or declining post-engagement statistics. Therefore, making time to check how the post is going and interacting with the people engaged in the post is even more helpful to increase the presence.  The more that the interaction is free-flowing, the more chances of getting more comments and shares and the higher the possibility of getting viral.

·        Prioritize customer service

Since social media platforms are the easiest way for people to express their comments in an open curtain, there are situations when they use the social media pages of the brand to share their reactions or criticisms on the accounts. It is very much important to ensure that customer service is of the utmost priority. The more that the people see that you care about their concerns, the more that they give you good word of mouth. It will also improve your social media presence so that other people will also see that you are very much serious about your brand in taking care of their customers.

·        Always make a way to promote your social media accounts

Promoting social media accounts is absolutely a greater hit for being discovered. You may ask your friends and family to share and promote your accounts to gain more followers. There are also options on social media platforms like Facebook to pay to promote the page for target audiences. It may cost some amount but the return is highly expected.

·        Check audit results

Social media is very reliable that it gives you free analytics to analyze and audit the results of your every post. This will help you to identify what is more appealing to your audiences, if the target audience is being met, and what type of audiences are mainly engaging in your posts to help you focus more on what your followers are interested in.

` Written By: Maria Nerizza Acero – Content Writer (Scandinavian Virtual Assistants)

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