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Virtual Assistants are used by busy people from amazing companies all over the world.

Scandinavian Virtual Assistants is part of Malmö Maids and Home Services AB which is run by Arash and Roselle

Malmö Maids is a cleaning company run mostly by virtual assistants and with a turnover of approximately 7M / year.

Scandinavian Virtual Assistant’s main task is to recruit, train and then hire out virtual assistants to other companies.

When you hire our assistants you will save money, time and energy.

The assistants take care of all the schedules, emails and customer calls, they send invoices, enter data, create articles, take care of social media and, much more!

Plans & Pricing

Select a Plan Now To Get More Done.

  • Start-ups

  • From8520Sek

  • 60
    hrs per month
  • 3
    hrs per day
  • Start 7 days Free Trial
  • Company (premium package)

  • From22400Sek

  • 160
    hrs per month
  • 8
    hrs per day
  • Start 7 days Free Trial
  • Company (regular package)

  • From14499Sek

  • 100
    hrs per month
  • 5
    hrs per day
  • Start 7 days Free Trial
  • Arash som din assistent

  • + VAT250kr/tim

  • VD Malmö Maids and Home services AB, Oms 6,2M
  • Utbildad som sjökapten
  • Duktig på driva företag & lösa problem
  • Talar Eng, Sve, Farsi och lite Danska
  • Roselle som din assistent

  • + VAT250kr/tim

  • VD Malmö Maids and Home services AB, Oms 6,2M
  • Läst IT och Marknadsföring
  • Duktig på planering, design, wordpress, Marketing automation
  • Talar Eng och Sve

*Standard prices are for basic VA services only. Prices may vary depending on the skills needed

Personal Virtual Assistants

Some refer to them as heroes, We call them VAs

At Scandinavian Virtual assistants, we recruit professionals from all over the world to ensure that you get the perfect fit for your business. All Virtual Assistants go through a rigorous, multi-step vetting process that tests everything from their communication and tech skills to their creativity and resourcefulness. Thousands apply, but only the best of the best get to call themselves VAs.

Social Media Marketing

Virtual Assistants as a Social Media Marketing Managers are responsible for organizing and running marketing campaigns over social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat),

Writing & Editing

Writing and editing jobs generally require the ability to Create original works such as prose, poetry, song lyrics, or plays and Research your subject matter.

Design Services

Our web and graphic designers (Scandinavian Website Maintainers) will shoulder the responsibility for your web design project from start to finish.

Customer service

Answering both general and specific customer questions about the company’s products and services is a key responsibility of many service agents.

Multilingual Services

Typical responsibilities of the job include; answering telephone calls/taking messages in a foreign language, organizing meetings and managing diaries

Executive Admin

Executive Assistants have more than administrative duties. They also filter and prioritize client visits or phone calls, and communicate on behalf of the executive they support.

The Difference

The Time spent actually working while clocked-in.

Traditional employees spend between 50% to 80% of their time on the activities that are not work related which will slow the productivity of the operation. Wasting time is equal to wasting money. Wasted money could stay in your pocket by simply changing the way you assign your task.

Jag är jättenöjd med att få hjälp av en virtuell assistent. Livet är så mycket enklare!

Nina Jansdotter  | Netwoker

How It Works

How our Personalized Approach Works

Getting started with a virtual assistant for the first time, building trust, and mastering the art of delegation are the common concerns for all new clients. So, our Client Success Team is always prepared to help you get started and to accompany you as your requirements evolved.


Tell us what you need so you can meet your virtual assistant.

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