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The Essence of Social Media Marketing for Companies and Entrepreneurs

Social media became so powerful nowadays at it became a part of the daily lives of an individual. Regardless of what they do in a day, there will always be a time to allocate to spend online for all kinds of purposes such as building networks, communications, entertainment, and more. Who doesn’t own a smartphone? From executives to beginners, students all are carrying smartphones therefore, access to social media is very easy and fast. Social media became a great avenue as well for people who wanted to start up a business through the online platform because of the fact that it’s very much accessible and can reach broader audiences anywhere in the world.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) became so popular in a sense that every brand, company, small and medium business, or even start-up entrepreneur used Social Media to market their products and services. As we say about Social Media, it does not count only for one platform but can be multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and so forth, but these four are the major social media platforms wherein Social Media Marketing is very commonly taken place.

Social Media Marketing became so powerful in all kinds of aspects such as advertising, building connections with consumers, interactions, and collecting customers’ data. As per advertising, brands were able to advertise their brands and products by posting engaging posts on social media like a personal page, all followers are able to see and interact with the posts, and can be even shared faster than a word of mouth. It became so easy as well to build connections to customers and followers since social media offers easy ways of communication such as IM, Email, or simply replying to comments and reactions like inquiries the people. It became as well an open avenue for discussion, inquiries, and complaints about the consumers the social media pages of any brands or companies can easily be addressed and taken care of since it’s being given adequate attention by the social media managers that handle the social media accounts of the brand. Moreover, since the social media accounts were automated, it has their own analytics wherein it easily captures the data of the people who visit the page, react to the page, demographics of each follower that interact which helps the brand to gather information and identify what is more appealing to the audiences.

It is very much important especially for big brands and companies to have a social media manager to ensure that the social media pages are being managed properly and timely. This is to ensure that the number of followers is being taken care of to increase, the engagement continues, and possible damage control for any possible social media attacks from haters or hateful complaints and reactions from some troll accounts.  Social Media Marketing is booming and will continue to boom as the digital age progresses, therefore, start-up entrepreneurs are mostly focusing on social media as their main platform to communicate and make their brand progress. It is indeed undeniable that proper Social Media Marketing will lead to success.

Written By: Maria Nerizza Acero – Content Writer

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