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Things to do when you feel envy for someone’s good life on Social Media

As social media became a very part of our daily lives, it has been as well the avenue for people to show off their lives, bodies, lifestyles, travels, and great milestones on their social feeds for other people to see. On the other side of the line, there are some who might feel insecure or inferior to what they see on social media. They see an almost perfect life of other people based on what they show on social media while they compare their real-life cases to what they see.

We cannot blame anyone if they feel such kind of jealousy or feeling envy for other people’s lives on social media as we may find it somehow natural. But when it starts to stress you out of having to compare your own personal life to what you see from others on Facebook, that’s when you need to think about things as below.

·        Most of what you see on Social Media is maybe scripted or just for show-off

We may say that not all posts are for real. Sometimes, people look at the best side of the story, the perfect angle of the photo, or simply edit by photoshop or add filters to look much better.  You might have seen a girl with a perfect body shape which is maybe in reality be edited.  Someone who went to a luxurious hotel and spend the night but in reality took the cheapest room. The story of what they pose on social media may be far from reality. Therefore, just simply take a look as usual browsing and let it pass on your news feeds.

·        Most of the posts are to get reactions

People oftentimes post the only good things about themselves on social media, even our friends and family do such in order to obtain more positive reactions. No one would like to show the embarrassing moments of themselves or their lives on social media unless they really wanted to look like it.

·        Make your life as exciting as it can be

We sometimes feel envious of how exciting the lives of other people are on social media, therefore make your own life as exciting and adventurous as you can be in real life. You can go out with friends, have a good dinner in good restaurants, travel with family or friends, have a me-time for yourself and anything else more.  The more that you feel that you enjoy within yourself, the lesser you feel envious of others.

·        Maybe the people themselves who post well on social media feel insecure about themselves

Have you ever thought that might be the person who constantly posts show-off things on social media might be insecure about their lives too? Other people usually use social media as their avenue to release this feeling of insecurity by posting all the good events in their lives just to make them feel better.

·        Turn your envy into your inspiration

Sometimes we feel envy how others make their lives better. When someone posts about having a better job, or having a new milestone in life, use them as inspiration as well to improve your own life by finding a job for yourself or looking for something new to do to improve your knowledge. Or go out with friends or go on a date with some men. Sometimes, the feeling of envy can be a driving force for you to be a better version of yourself.

·        Block whatever bothers you

Sometimes we feel stress when we constantly see good things from the same person or it bothers us at some point and it gives us a negative feeling. Feel free to block or hide the posts of the person to stop them from showing on your social feeds. Remember that your inner peace is what matters the most. 

·        If possible, lessen the time spent on social media

As we know that social media became our everyday companion, it might be a little bit hard to disconnect from it, therefore, try to lessen the time you spend going online just to browse your news feed. Do something more realistic for yourself, and be more active and social in real life. You will see more of the value of your life out of social media once you started getting up from your bed and keeping your phone in your bag while going out shopping or sipping a cup of coffee in a café and enjoying the beauty of a peaceful life.

Written By: Maria Nerizza Acero

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