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Things to consider dealing with colleagues face to face after long work-from-home environment

Work from home became a huge alternative in the workforce system after the pandemic hit the entire world. Without this option, it could’ve affected the companies dreadfully and may not survive. Workers who transitioned to a work-from-home setup became convenient to everyone as they are still able to function remotely and meetings online became the key to having regular touch-base with colleagues.

As the world is finally able to recover from the pandemic for more than 2 years, people are now starting to live the new normal way of life. The flights started to return back to normal. People are now able to go out as usual without so many restrictions. Schools are now starting to go back to a face to face learning and moreover, the workforce is now starting to go back on site and work in the office as a regular office setting. It may be a little challenging for a few people after getting used to working from home and this change may somehow trigger emotional stress. We may say that it’s understandable, but then, here is some of the advice on what to consider after coming back to work in face to face setting.

·        Communication

Unlike in the usual work-from-home setting facing up a camera just to let your colleagues see your face or half of your body, now, everyone will be able to see each other face-to-face in a normal communication setting. Everyone is now able to speak freely unlike the video call setting wherein you will just be given a limited air time to speak. This means we can be more relaxed conversing with our colleagues.

·        Be socially interactive

Virtual meetings became the norm of work from home setup after all kinds of virtual meeting software were introduced during the pandemic. Therefore, have some fun activities like quizzes and games during face-to-face meeting sessions to break the ice after a long while of virtually talking. This as well will promote social interactions between colleagues.

·        Expect to Multitask

We understand that virtual meetings are able to make people do something else while working since that only face is visible on the camera. After going back to the workplace setting, it is now expected to have several tasks to work on maximizing the working hours while in the workplace. Being able to multitask is a great way to make you finish your work while dealing with your colleagues at the same time. Two-way communication is being exercised here.

·        Face-to-face meetings

Working via meeting software became a usual thing for people who work from home but there are moments when the communication wasn’t clear as it is expected. After returning to an onsite setting, it will be very much to have multiple face-to-face meetings to reconnect between colleagues. This as well is an easier way to focus and to have clearer goals since we are just focusing on one task scenario which is the meeting itself. This as well gives an avenue to meet and greet colleagues all at once and break the ice between each other after a long time of not seeing face to face.

·        Plan some get-together gatherings

After a long while of seeing each other virtually, it is essential to have some out-of-office informal gatherings like lunch out or some catch-up coffee sessions to break the ice and rebuild connections with your colleagues.  This is a way to get back on track with the current situation or lives of your others.

We know that getting used to a work-from-home setting is quite of a challenge when transitioning back to the office setting, but if we are able to get connected to our colleagues once again and be more comfortable with each other, the work environment will be a lot better.

 Written By: Maria Nerizza Acero – Content Writer (Scandinavian Virtual Assistants)

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