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Tips on taking a vacation if working on Social Media

Social media became an everyday go-to of people from the time they open their eyes, the first thing to grab is their smartphones and check notifications related to their social networks until before sleeping. Social media is part of our personal lives and sometimes even at work. And it’s hard to disconnect and have a vacation from social media if it’s part of your daily job. 

Social Media management is partly a job of a Virtual Assistant and disconnecting through social media accounts will be a tough thing to do, here are our tips to let everyone have a peaceful holiday vacation out of social media.

·        Plan ahead and schedule the upcoming tasks

If you have a planned upcoming vacation, it will be easier to have a scheduled plan of tasks to do in preparation and avoid cramming. This will ensure that your time will be managed accordingly until your actual leave vacation comes.

·        Make proper endorsements

Before going on leave, ensure that the upcoming tasks are properly endorsed to the new point of contact or the reliever that will handle the tasks on your behalf. Ensure that the social media account information like usernames, passwords, and necessary things to posts are all properly endorsed through a spreadsheet to have an organized document handover between you and the person to take over the endorsement.

·        Set proper expectations with your teammates and/or clients

Before the scheduled leave, ensure that there was a proper setting of expectations provided to your teammates and especially your clients that you will be out for how many days based on your leave schedule. Make sure that the clients were notified of who will be the next point of contact during your absence. If you have communications through emails, better set an OOO or “Out of Office” scheduled email notification to have an automatic reply of whom to contact and your return date for the people sending you emails while away.

·        Turn off social media and work-related apps on the phone while on leave

Every one of us is in need of relaxation and getting a notification or reading work emails can make your most-awaited vacation a disaster, therefore it’s more advisable to temporarily disconnect all social media accounts and other work-related apps from your phone to enjoy the time of relaxation. The less you see things, the less tension you will feel.

·        Tag along only your personal devices and lessen social networks when possible

While on vacation, just bring only your personal devices such as cameras, and mobile phones and avoid carrying anything related to work to avoid having any thoughts of reconnecting while on vacation. In case of any social media connection, just use your own personal accounts if needed otherwise, don’t go online at all to avoid disruptions.

·        When getting back to work, have a touch base to get updated while away

Vacation re-fuels and re-energizes our mind and body to start working again and having a touch base with the team will help you get updated and put you back on track to re-take over the work required.

Having a vacation is very important as it regains back the energy that was gone while working, and if social media is part of the job, knowing how to disconnect from it will give you the relaxation that you’re longing for.

Written By: Maria Nerizza Acero 

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