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Suggested ideas to come up with engaging posts on Social Media

Social media became the main source of entertainment for the majority of the world and it helps to make everyone connected in the easiest way possible. There were people who decided to use social media as their platform to become influencers and growing their community and gaining more followers can be a good indication of having good content. 

As an influencer, it is expected to keep up having updated posts like if possible almost every day to keep your audience engaged, however, keeping up the content to make it always engaging and to attract more followers can be a challenge as you may run out of things and ideas to post.  

Therefore, here are some suggested engaging ideas to post on your social media accounts to keep your followers always up to date.

·        Create series

Followers love to follow a series of events and it can help to keep them up and get engaged more frequently.  You may create a series of daily, weekly, or monthly posts correlated to each other to make your followers have something to look forward to. Making a proper hashtag specific for the series as well will help the followers to go through the series from the previous posts up to date.

·        Repurposing contents

You may have previous content in the past which you had and you may repurpose them by creating graphics, videos, songs, etc., related to the said content to make it more engaging and eye-catching.

·        Audience interactive posts

Posting content wherein followers can interact is a good idea for engagement. You may just simply post like “How’s your weekend going” and followers will start to interact by commenting and sharing their thoughts and answers and interact with their co-followers. It can also go trending as the more people interact, the longer the thread and the trend will be.

·        Host an “Ask Me Anything” content

Followers love to have interactions with the people or the brand they follow and hosting an Ask Me Anything content is a great engagement to let the followers get involved in your own content. Allotting a specific timeline to ask their questions by posting and letting the people comment on what their questions would be and collating the relevant questions by answering through live streaming or recorded video content. More followers will be engaged in this kind of content as they love their posts and names to be published along with your video content.

·        Live-streaming

Doing live streaming occasionally is a great form of content engagement as the audiences and followers can have live interaction with you. They can ask the question and you can answer in real-time or just let the people get engaged on what you are exactly doing while on live.

·        Repost, retweet, and re-quote relevant posts from your followers

If you are a brand wherein a follower used your product or you’re an influencer advertising a product or simply posting something and a fan gave a good review or reaction, or comment. Don’t be afraid to repost them and share them with your stories or retweet them. The more that your followers feel that you engage with them, the more followers you will gain. 

Moreover, you may feel free as well to repost anything you think is relevant to post on your page. Posts don’t have to be always original from your side so long as there is a proper tagging of the actual source of your repost.

·        Do interviews

Some influencers conduct interviews to get first-hand information from the actual sources to share on their platform. This is good content to ensure that the information you post on your page is real and correct since it came from the actual resource person.

·        Creating or sharing Memes

We can’t deny the fact that the more humorous the post is, the more engagement and shares it gets. Therefore, it’s good to create memes sometimes. J

·        Host contests

It’s undeniable that people love free things and if you are a brand or an influencer, creating contests by liking, following, sharing, and/or commenting on posts will help to get more engagement and to spread the word to gain more followers. Announcing the winner can be through posts as well.

·        Take advantage of trending topics

Most of the time, getting engaged on trending topics can gain more engagement. 

·        Host polls with audiences

Social media became an avenue for people to share their thoughts and reactions and hosting polls is a great way to get engaged with audiences as they’ll be able to share their own opinions on the said topics.

Coming up with social media content may not be that easy since you want to build your own identity but with the suggested ideas for social media, the content will help you to be engaged with your platform as much as you can to gain more followers.

Written By: Maria Nerizza Acero 

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