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Tips to Overcome Camera Shyness

Taking videos is very handy now, unlike the old days when you have to have your own video camera and spend a lot of money just to have it, now it’s all in our smartphones. Technology made things so easy for all of us that our lives even our livelihoods can now be managed through our smartphones.

Along with the technology of smartphones, the internet became a necessity for everyone to be connected and online at all times. With the birth of Social Media, people became so connected to people, same as celebrities, influencers, businesses used social media like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube, and so on to be connected with all over the world.

Nowadays, people became so techy that more and more people are able to make money through social media by becoming influencers, live sellers, and making businesses, since the platform is free, they are able to have a wider reach through live streaming. The more they get views, likes, and shares, the more revenue they will get.

A lot of people are wondering to start their career through social media, but might have fears about facing the camera, either live or recorded, so here are the tips to overcome camera shyness and be more confident on-screen.

Figure out the reason why you want to take videos

The more that you have the driving force, the more eager you will do it regardless of your fears.

Know your content

The substance is a must, therefore, if you know what to say, you will be confident discussing your content.

Practice what you want to say

Write scripts or practice what you want to say and talk about, this will help you to release the stress of speaking while facing the camera.

Choose good lighting

Good lighting will give you a good effect on the camera.

Look for a good and comfortable background

Have a peaceful and noise-free environment, this will help you to relax and be more confident. Same as this will give a good effect on your video.

Talk slower than usual

The more you talk a bit slower, the more understanding your words would be. Moreover, this will help you show that you are confident enough while facing your online viewers.

Dress appropriately and smile

The way you look will mirror your confidence, therefore, find the suitable outfit and proper makeup for your video content. Moreover, always smile!

Feel free to use hand-gestures

Using minimal hand gestures can help you release the stress and anxiety you feel while taking videos, but ensure that it doesn’t overpower your entire screen and that the people will just continue looking at it.

Take practice videos and share them with your friends

If you know that you are a camera-shy person, it would be helpful to have some practice videos and share them with your close friends to gather feedback to improve it and enhance the actual take.

Edit your own videos

If you are an individual with your own content, it would be better to edit your own videos to eliminate parts that you feel you don’t feel good at and present what you think is great.

Keep making videos

Practice makes perfect, the more you keep doing videos, the more you are getting comfortable and relaxed. Eventually, this will just become a piece of cake for you.

By: Maria Nerizza Acero – Content Writer (Scandinavian Virtual Assistants)

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